• Brian B Bedell - Editor

    Speed - Being a fast editor isn't enough. Making informed decicive choices that tell the best story is what I do.

  • Brian B Bedell - Editor

    Collaboration - My job is to work with and not against. Finding the best storyline takes communication and patience.

  • Brian B Bedell - Editor

    Optimism - Deadlines will always be too soon. We're going to have to sweat through this one, we might as well enjoy it!

I have spent the last 15 years producing video content end-to-end, from ideation to post-production, including network television, on air promotions, marketing sizzles, social-first content, and independent film.

“Work smarter not harder.” With an emphasis on efficiency and speed I have a proven track record of bringing in projects under budget and on time. With one of my recent employers I was able to deliver 18 projects under budget by 25% in editing hours.

Working independently or with teams of producers, editors, and other creatives I strive to provide a positive work environment through collaboration, eagerness to learn, and creative problem solving.

I am driven to constantly grow and develop my mastery of the craft of filmmaking and storytelling and incorporate new and innovative techniques to increase customer engagement and drive brand recognition.

I am experienced in a full range of production and post techniques. From ideation to screenwriting, through storyboarding, pre-vis, producing, shooting, editing, and finishing I love a challenge and am never afraid to take on new tasks.


I have cut branding, promos and sizzles for over 8 years. Content includes Movies, TV Shows, Football, Entertainment News, Reality, Cartoons, Cycling, Product, and Companies.


Experienced in Act Creation, Show Builds, Polishing, Onlining, and Delivery.


Experienced in storyboard previs, graphic collaboration, compositing, and postvis editing.