About Brian

Brian Bedell is a TV/Film editor, director, mead maker, surfer and ex-astrophysicist. The youngest son of retired Colonel Mary & Dennis Bedell, Brian utilizes an eclectic background and rigorous work ethic to create visually and emotionally stunning entertainment.

Born in Springfield, Missouri, Brian comes from a very large extended family with over 70 cousins. Every year families travel from near and far, sometimes from overseas, to gather in a small town on the Missouri border and celebrate. This strong sense of family and commitment has been instilled in Brian from a very young age and he brings that loyalty and closeness into his business and personal relationships.

Growing up in the Army can be very unpredictable. Brian moved every three years to a new base leaving behind friends, teachers, and teams. Getting to experience new cultures, make new friends, and prove his abilities all through school taught him to be a resilient, flexible, confident, and understanding leader.

Brian spent most of his upbringing chasing the childhood dream of being an astronaut. He excelled in math and science and attended the University of New Hampshire with a full Air Force scholarship to study Astrophysics. Brian then worked at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) on the RHESSI satellite where he honed his analytical and computational skills that helped shape his approach to filmmaking.

During his time at NASA he realized that he wanted to pursue a career that would have more of an emotional impact on society. He enrolled down the road from GSFC at University of Maryland Baltimore County and graduated with a degree in Film and Performing Arts. Focused on Directing he was introduced to all of the creative and business processes of the film industry.

After arriving in Los Angeles in 2004 Brian quickly started booking work as an Editor, a perfect blend of imagination, artistic creativity, and analytics. Since then he has been fortunate enough to work on a myriad of projects ranging from Film, Broadcast TV, Web Series, Cartoons, BTS features, Promos, and Marketing Sizzles. He has also produced, directed, and shot many films.