Brian Bedell - TV/Motion Picture Editor
Producing Résumé

McSpace (In Development) Feature McSpace
Trailer Life (In Development) Short McSpace
Iron Blood Feature Iron Blood
The Walking Dead Short Walking Dead
Vega Short Vega
Play With Me Hot Wheels Short Play With Me
Powers: Who Killed Retro Girl Short Powers
PTWTB: CA Film Commission Commercial Cali Comm
For U - Raelle Music Video For U
Busted Short Busted
Limbo Short Film - 16mm Limbo
Ted the Squirrel Short Ted
10(x)1 Short Film - 16mm 10(x)1
Stranger Danger Short Stranger Danger
Loss Prevention Short Loss Prevention
Just Standing Around Short Just Standing Around
Bridges Short Bridges

Supervising/Finishing Editor – Directing - Creative Direction - Motion Graphics - Animation Editing –
Color Correction - Audio Mixing – Cinematography – Video Production – Producing

Bachelor of Visual & Performing Arts: Film (Directing) – University of Maryland, Baltimore